Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern USA


Beginner Level Name:

1. What is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ mother?
a) St. Elizabeth b) St. Mary c) Tamar d) Ruth

2. Who told St. Joseph that St. Mary will have a Son?
a) St. Mary b) The Holy Spirit c) An Angel of the Lord d) David

1. How were the wise men warned from not going back to King Herod?
a) Divinely warned b) by the king c) by St. Joseph d) by the shepherds

2. St. Joseph took St. Mary and the Child and fled to where?
a) Nazareth b) Jerusalem c) Bethlehem d) Egypt

1. St. John the Baptist clothes were made of:
a) white linen b) camel hair c) animal skin d) satin

2. Where was St. John the Baptist preaching?
a) Bethlehem b) Nazareth c) Egypt d) in the wilderness

1. Who led the Lord Jesus Christ into the wilderness?
a) St. John the Baptist b) the Spirit c) the disciples d) St. Mary

2. Who were the first two that the Lord Jesus Christ called to be His disciples?
a) St. Simon and St. Andrew b) St. James and St. John c) the sons of Zebedee

1. What is so bad about name-calling?
a) it makes us look bad b) it gets to be a habit c) it upsets God

2. What does the Lord Jesus Christ ask us to do if we have something against someone?
a) ignore it b) go reconcile with him c) buy him a present d) tell a friend about it

1. How does God reward prayer?
a) openly b) gives us a certificate c) in secret

2. What happens if you do not forgive others?
a) they will not be friends anymore b) they will not forgive us c) God will not forgive us

1. Why we should not judge others?
a) so that we would not be judged b) so that people love us c) we are not judges

2. Whom should we guard ourselves from?
a) the Pharisees b) the false prophets c) bad friends d) our neighbors


1. The Lord Jesus Christ healed the leper by saying:
a) be healed b) your sins are forgiven c) stand up and walk d) I am willing, be cleansed

2. How did the Lord Jesus Christ heal St. Peter's mother?
a) He kissed her b) He touched her hand c ) He ordered her to stand d) He got her a doctor

1. "For I have not come to call the _________ but the _________."

2. For how long was the woman bleeding?
a) twelve years b) two weeks c) thirty eight years d) three days

1. Name the twelve disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ?

2. What power did the Lord Jesus Christ give His disciples?
a) heal the sick, b) cleanse the leper c) raise the dead d) all of the above

1. The Lord Jesus Christ said about St. John the Baptist:
a) there is no one greater than him b) he is My brother c) he is a good prophet d) he is My cousin

2. The Lord Jesus Christ said all things have been delivered to Him by:
a) the Pharisees b) the Holy Scriptures c) His Father d) His mother

1. The Pharisees said that the Lord Jesus Christ cast out demons by:
a) a power from God b) Beelzebub c) His own power d) the Holy Spirit

2. What is the sign of Jonah?
a) he had a sign from Heaven b) he had the sign of the cross
c) he stayed three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish

1. What is a parable?
a) a kind of food b) a short story with a moral c) a type of cloth d) a book

2. How many type of soil does the Lord Jesus Christ mention?
a) 12 b) 4 c) 7 d) 3

1. Why did Herod behead St. John the Baptist?
a) St. John killed St. Philip b) St. John was a thief c) St. John told Herod it is wrong to marry Herodias

2. How many baskets were left after the 5000 ate?
a) 12 b) 7 c) 5 d) one


1. Isaiah prophesied about the Pharisees saying:
a) they honor Me with their lips b) their heart is far from Me c) in vain they worship Me d) a, b and c

2. Why did the Lord Jesus Christ accept the healing of the Canaanite woman?
a) she had great faith b) she begged Him c) He had pity on her d) she was a Canaanite

1. Who did the people say the Lord Jesus Christ was?
a) St. John the Baptist b) Elijah c) Jeremiah d) a, b, & c

2. What did the Lord Jesus Christ say we should do if we want to come to Him?
a) deny ourselves b) take the cross c) follow Him d) a, b & c

1. Who of the disciples were with the Lord Jesus Christ at the time of His transfiguration?
a) St. Peter, St. James and St. John b) St. Peter, St. James & St. Andrew c) St. Peter & St. James d) St. James & St. Andrew

2. Who appeared with the Lord Jesus Christ at the Transfiguration?
a) St. John & St. Peter b) St. Joseph & St. Mary c) Moses and Elijah d) St. John the Baptist

1. In the parable of the lost sheep what did the man do when one sheep went astray?
a) he leaves it b) he goes to the mountains to find it c) he prays d) he cries out loud

2. How many times should we forgive our brother?
a) seven times b) as much as we can c) seventy times d) seventy times seven

1. It is easier for a _______ to go through the eye of a needle than for a ________ man to enter the ________ of God.

2. With God all things are ________.

1. The mother of Zebedee's sons requested from the Lord Jesus Christ that her sons:
a) become kings b) one sit on His right & the other on His left c) become rich

2. Once healed what did the two blind men do?
a) they followed the Lord Jesus Christ b) they went to the temple c) they thanked the Lord Jesus Christ d) they prayed

1. The multitude received the Lord Jesus Christ at His entry to Jerusalem with:
a) gifts b) banners c) music d) branches of trees

2. What did people do in the temple that upset the Lord Jesus Christ?
a) they were talking b) cheating c) buying and selling d) dancing


1. Why was the banquet held?
a) for a birthday b) for a marriage c) for a graduation d) for Christmas

2. At the banquet one guest was thrown out because he came without:
a) an invitation b) a present c) a wedding garment d) shoes

1. What did the Pharisees and scribes do to the prophets sent to them?
a) they praised them b) they murdered them c) they honored them d) they sent them away

2. What did the Lord Jesus Christ predict would happen to Jerusalem?
a) it will become desolate b) it will flourish c) it will grow d) it will become flooded

1. "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My ________ will by no means pass away."

2. "Who endures to the end shall be _________."

1. In the parable of the ten virgins they took their lamp and went to meet:
a) the Lord Jesus Christ b) the bride c) the bride groom d) the disciples

2. What did the servant with one talent do with his money?
a) hid it b) invest it c) gave it to someone else d) lost it

1. Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ for:
a) a position in the Sanhedrin b) to please the priests c) 30 pieces of gold d) 30 pieces of silver

2. What did the woman in Simon the leper house pour on the Lord Jesus Christ head?
a) hot water b) perfume c) shampoo d) costly oil

1. Before the soldiers took the Lord Jesus Christ away to be crucified what did they put on His head?
a) a hat b)a crown of thorns c) a turban d) a royal crown

2. What was the name of the man who helped the Lord Jesus Christ carrying the Holy Cross?
a) St. Simon Peter b) Simon of Cyrene c) St. Joseph d) Pilate

1. Who did Mary Magdalene meet when she went to the tomb?
a) the soldiers b) the other Mary c) St. Simon Peter d) an Angel of the Lord

2. Where did the Lord Jesus Christ and the disciples meet after His Glorious Resurrection?
a) in Jerusalem b) Bethsaida c) Galilee d) Calgary